Tolly's suppliers protest against the non-payment.

The Bengali film and television industry owes billions of dollars in the market. After the riots of the artists and technicians, it is now the suppliers who demanded to liquidate their quotas amounting to more than 20 million rupees until April 30, an approximate amount declared by the Welfare Association of Video Film Suppliers u0026 Stage. At a press conference on Monday, the association gave an ultimatum to the channels and producers until Thursday. After that, we can no longer supply any material to these units, said Neet Paul. general Secretary, on behalf of the association.

Approximately 60-70 members of the association play pivotal role in the making of films and serials by supplying costumes, cameras, lights, furniture, costume and props. There are about 600 people, including the family members of our association, who are suffering for this non-payment. Channels and producers are passing the responsibility on each other. One of our comrades, Sankar Tanti, who is a truck supplier, was on the verge of committing suicide. Since technicians have a strong union and artists also have their own forum, they have defined schedules for their payments and producers are bound to pay regularly. We are left out, the general secretary added.

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While there is a list of non-compliant producers, the association expressed concern about the lack of payment from the producer who fled Rana Sarkar, who, according to them, owes them approximately Rs 2.11 crore. Out of this, Rs 1.35 million rupees are against raised invoice. Again and again your checks have bounced. While there are several other producers included Subrata Roy , he is the one who does not have any serial career. The channels ask us to obtain a NOC from Sarkar frog and we are in a Soup Said Neet Paul.

When speaking with CT, veteran accessory and costume supplier Anjan Banerjee, who has been in business since 1974, clarified: We decided to stop supplying since March 12. However, the channels asked us to resume the supply since our action could essentially mean there is no transmission of the series. They promised to solve the problem in a few days and then delivered the serials to other producers. It did not solve our problem. Instead, it complicated the matter even more.