Gangs plunder a family of valuables outside their home in Model Town of Delhi

NEW DELHI: It seems that criminals are becoming shameless with their actions, a businessman who had returned from a Sunday night outing with his wife and two children was held at gunpoint in his own home just when the businessman parked the car in his garage. A group of masked men followed him into the garage and kept the family captive at gunpoint.

The thieves forced them to deliver their valuables. All this, while I was being captured in a CCTV camera. The men also opened the car doors to search for other items for a few minutes while keeping the family captive at gunpoint. The family has been in shock since the incident.

In his complaint, the businessman, Varun Behl, told the police that the men wearing masks had arrived on a bicycle and were waiting outside their home.

While they were fleeing, they threatened not to call the police and they checked the car. They took his wallet, the golden kada and his wife's mobile phone.

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