Written update of Kathalo Rajakumari, June 28, 2019: Avani makes an unexpected sacrifice

In the last episode of Kathalo Rajakumari , Swarna reveals to Sulochana, Radhakrishna and Haasini that Savitri demanded Rs. 25 million euros to accept Subhadra as his daughter-in-law. She also complains that Avani you have kept this a secret from them. While Radhakrishna is seen worried about the same, Sulochana blames Avani for everything.

Avani bursts into tears about Sulochana's growing hatred for her. Akshay Try to comfort her.

The next day, Avani visits her father's cemetery and vents her anguish. Her uncle makes a sudden visit and informs her that one of her properties had a huge appreciation and she can use it now. Avani is delighted by this. She thanks her father for his fore-sightedness and uncle for the good news. She immediately rushes home and reports Akshay about her decision to offer the property to Savitri so that Subhadra can be accepted.

Akshay hails Avani for the sacrifice but turns down the idea. But Avani convinces him for the same and the couple meets Savitri with the documents.

Savitri initially reprimands Akshay and Avani. Avani reveals that they are now ready to offer the money she demanded. Satyamurthy asks Akshay whether they got their seized properties back.

Akshay replies that Avani is sacrificing her property for Subhadra 's sake. Satyamurthy and Savitri are astonished by Avani 's sacrifice. Satyamurthy checks the documents and tells Savitri that the property is worth more than what she demanded. Savitri is delighted. Satyamurthy asks Avani if ​​she has anything left for her. Avani declares the Akshay is all she has.