The 'Dorasaani' trailer highlights a love story that challenges class disparities!

The highly anticipated trailer of 'Dorasaani' by KVR Mahendra, which stars the newcomers Shivathmika Rajasekhar & Anand Deverakonda in leading roles was released by Sukumar today.

The 2-minute long trailer delves deeper into the story & shows the kind of problems the Dorasaani named Devika & her lover, a painter called Raju face due to class disparities . The beginning of the trailer even hints at Raju facing time in jail for three decades & narrating the story of his lost love after being released. In a heart-breaking scene, Devika hands Raju some water & he seems shocked, wondering if he’s even allowed to drink the same water the doras drink.

With Prasanth R Vihari’s music, Naveen Nooli’s editing & Sunny Kurapati’s cinematography, ‘Dorasaani’ is slated for release on July 12.