Joy Sengupta and Rupanjana Mitra will play a dysfunctional couple

The young filmmaker Rohan Sen is making his directorial debut with Ebhabei Galpo Hok, who sees Sengupta joy & Rupanjana Mitra to the head.

Sengupta joy will be seen as a director who is trying to move out of his comfort zone while making a love story. Thriller used to be his preferred genre once. Since he himself is in a crisis, making a romantic film seems extremely difficult. However, he thinks of a story & starts telling his assistant the story. What happens next forms the crux of the film. The love story is a simple one & has nothing out of the blue.

Rupanjana will be seen as the director’s wife Kotha. “She loves her husband very much & is a devoted wife. Often people shower their professional frustrations on their loved ones. During one such fight with her husband, Kotha bursts out her inner feelings,” said Rupanjana.

Shantilal Mukherjee , Bibriti Chatterjee & others are playing pivotal roles in the film. The film is eyeing a August/September release.