The Congress criticizes the Modi government for the obstacles imposed to the available educational loans

NEW DELHI: Monday in Congress accused of punishing hundreds of thousands of economically weak students by placing obstacles in the eligibility criteria to take advantage of professional or technical courses.

The congressional attack came after a media report stated that the group of eligible institutions for which students can take educational loans to pursue professional or technical courses became smaller.

The report, citing the latest set of guidelines issued by the Union, said eligibility for the educational loan model is restricted to students who enroll in professional and technical courses at NAAC-accredited institutions of national importance and centrally funded technical institutions. .

The BJP government punishes the lakhs of economically weaker students by placing obstacles in the eligibility criteria for obtaining educational loans for professional/technical courses! The main speaker of the Congress tweeted, labeling the report.

Education loans are restricted to only 1,056 institutions. The education loans are only sent through the Vidya Laxmi portal, he said.

The BJP government has practically killed the educational loan plan for professional or technical courses and has endangered the future of young people, said Surjewala.

Lack of knowledge of the new rules means that few apply for educational loans. Banks approved only 42,700 of the 1.44 lakh requests in the last four years, he said.