Ke Apon Ke By written update, June 30, 2019: Tanna creates an uproar at home

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke Por , family members are happy to see Tanna and Rinki returning after serving his sentence in jail.

Palak welcomes them following the traditional rituals. But Tanna throws all the arrangements of 'aarati' out of rage. I asked Amiya to divide the property immediately. Amiya denies the same while Joba It promises to protect the family.

An aggrieved Tanna says he will not mind eliminating Joba, if she creates any hurdle.

The family members are shocked to see Tanna 's behavior, demanding his share of property.

Meanwhile, Tanna fumes with anger while Saheli provokes him. Rinki, on the other hand, is a changed person. Her mother can not believe her eyes seeing Rinki calm and composed. Rinki explains living inside the jail has made her realize the harsh reality that money can not buy everything. She also says that none can run away from the crime and have to face the consequences. In fact, she supports Joba, who wanted to make them realize their fault. Rinki asks her mother not to provoke Tanna. She also tells how she repents trusting Saheli since she always wanted to bring harm to the family.

Saheli can not accept her daughter's behavior and gets shattered. Palak consoles her adding that everything happens for a good reason. But as she leaves the place, Saheli starts fetching another plan another plan. The family members talk to Koel and Kuhu over the phone.

Elsewhere, Saheli meets the lady, who can help her to materialize her plan. Next day, Joba meets Koel in the hospital and boosts her morale.

At home, Tanna throws all the things here and there. When Lata and Amiya enquire the reason behind such behavior, he demands his share of property.

Saheli provokes Tanna, while Rinki asks him to behave. Tanna misbehaves with his wife.

At the hospital, Joba prays, meanwhile the lady appointed by Saheli enters there disguising as a doctor.