2019 World Cup: MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav tried to hit, but could not, says Rohit Sharma

BIRMINGHAM: Rohit Sharma He admitted there were lessons to be learned from bowlers in England after India suffered its first defeat of this World Cup against the hosts on Sunday.

Sharma reached 102, his third century of the tournament, but India did not reach its goal of 338 races in the loss of 31 races at Edgbaston.

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Jonny Bairstow He led the charge of England with his 111 balls of 109 balls to establish an England victory that allowed them to be a little closer to reserve a semifinal place.

Bowlers directed by Chris Woakes then launched a disciplined line to smother India in the final shots despite a second career 138-race run between Sharma and the captain virat Kohli .

They played better to cricket throughout this game. While they were hitting they did not have one but three associations. On the other hand, we only had a great partnership, Sharma told reporters after India's first defeat in seven games.

They mixed the short and the slowest ball and forced us to hit the longest limits, which was a lesson for our next game.

India needs to win one of their two remaining group matches to secure their place in the semi-final, with their next showdown against Bangladesh scheduled for Tuesday in Birmingham.

virat Kohli 's side looked capable of making a record World Cup run chase at 198 for two from 36 overs, only to lose the plot in the last 10 overs.

The paceman of England, Liam Plunkett, took three key windows, including the prized scalp of Kohli by 66.

Woakes hit early to send KL Rahul back into the pavilion and then shorten Sharma's innings in 37th place.

Losing an early window always puts you under pressure, and we lost KL from the start, and they did quite well in the first 10, Sharma said.

MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav They were criticized for their lack of intention in the last five attempts when the duo managed only 39 races.

It is not the first time that Dhoni, who remained unbeaten in 42 of the 31 installments, and Jadhav, who did 12 no, received criticism for hitting slowly.

But Sharma defended his hitters while emphasizing that England's players made it difficult for both Dhoni and Jadhav, who were booed by a large Indian crowd in Birmingham.

When MS and Kedar were hitting, I think they tried to hit, but they could not do it because of the slowness of the field, said the vice-captain of India.

You have to give credit to the English team because they used the conditions really well. They used the longest limit very well

But Kohli was not very happy with the fact that the land in Birmingham had a very short limit on one side, and he said that the pitch became crucial because of this factor.

The draw was vital, especially because the limit was so short. It is a coincidence that he is only within the limitations of the shortest limit he can have, said Kohli in the post-match presentation.

It's pretty strange on a flat playing field. It's crazy to fall in that place at random.

If the hitters are able to reverse you by barring you by six in a 59-meter limit, there's not much you can do. And one side was 82 meters.