Written update of Manjil Virinja Poovu, June 28, 2019: Manu decides to save Anjana

In the recent episode of Manjil Virinja Poovu Anjana calls Manu from the goon's phone, but he does not answer the call. Manu notices a missed call and he calls again. But, the bully approaches Anjana and grabs his phone.

Meanwhile, the bully answers Manu's call and tells him that he dialed the number by mistake. During the conversation, Anjana shouts words like railway, mosque, etc. to give clues to Manu.

Later, Manu listens to the voice record and identifies that it was Anjana's voice. He also remembers the words and decides to find the abandoned place.

On the other hand, Anjana flirts with the bully and tries to get more information about where she has been captive. Meanwhile, Shaji comes to the place and finds his assistant flirting with Anjana. Shaji slaps him and throws him out of the place.

At PK Nilayam, Bhaskaran meets Prathibha and talks to her. Prathibha remembers the past incidents when Bhaskaran and Prathibha were friends.

In the past, Bhaskaran is seen as the conductor of Prathibha who takes her to dance performances. Prathibha tells Bhaskaran that he is one of his greatest supports.

In the present, Mallika interrupts the conversation and asks if Prathibha and Bhaskaran know each other. But, Bhaskaran lies that they have met for the first time.

Manu meets Bhaskaran and reports that he has found the place where Anjana is. He also tells Mallika that Anjana will be back soon. Upon hearing this, Mallika panics, but manages to hide it from Manu.