Hyderabadis says goodbye to the iconic Marredpally café

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It was the end of an era as one of Secunderabad's most iconic landmarks, Café Ramser opened its customers for a last chai on Sunday. For 57 years, Iranian coffee has been a source of joy for dozens of Hyderabadis, who sunk their Osmania crackers in Iranian chai while chatting for hours, or preparing the family package on the way home from work. For the students, it was their favorite adda, where they spent hours after college, savoring chicken 65 and chicken pakodas in endless cuppas. Before the coffee officially closed its doors, an emotional group from Hyderabadis came to tell good memories of all the times they spent in the cafe. Hyderabad Times listened with a big heart when the people of the city narrated their stories of Ramser while the chai patti boiled in the fairy and the milk was simmered in the samovar for the last time.


I've been crying since I heard we're closing. This coffee was a big part of our lives. I really did not want to come here and say goodbye to this place. I do not know what's going to happen now that it's closing. I just have to accept it.

- Naheed, the mother of Ali Reza

I have been driving this place for most of my life. It is very difficult to say goodbye to an establishment in which I have dedicated so much time and effort. I also have a restaurant in Mumbai, but Ramser is close to my heart. I practically grew and grew old here. It is Allah's will that the place be closed today. I do not know what the future holds for us - Abbas Ali, owner

Thanks for the memories, Ramser.

I spent hours here every day, drinking chai and chatting with friends.

I come here every day. As a retired person, most of my days I spend here drinking chai, reading the newspaper, meeting with friends. I know everyone by name here. The waiters do not keep track of how many cups of chai I have because they know that I will pay the correct amount when I leave. I have even brought a party of 30 friends and nobody has complained about not having enough space. The club of the third age, of which I am president, has met here in many occasions. Ramser's Haleem is a must for anyone who comes to my house during Ramazan. The fact that Ramser is closing leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. It is truly the end of an era.

- K Sudhir, a regular customer at the café.

ht01city-arti I did not drink chai but I came here to go out with my friends from the university

Although I do not drink chai, I've been coming to Ramser all my life. This was the meeting place for my friends while they were in college. All were avid chai-drinkers and if I did not come here, I would miss all the fun. Even now, I use this place as a reference point to give instructions to anyone who comes home. After seeing Ali Reza's post on Facebook, I received many messages from my friends who live outside of Hyderabad now. They asked me to visit the cafe for the last time and send them photos.

- Arti, resident of the east. Marredpally

pg4_cafe1 Ramser is as old as me

This coffee is as old as me and I have been coming here all my life. One of the most popular joints of Marredpally is shutting down today. It is very sad.

- Radhika, East Marredpally resident and a regular at Ramser

pg4_cafe Christmas for me meant chicken 65 from Ramser

Café Ramser is a time capsule for my family. It was such an important part of our Christmas celebrations when I was growing up. I remember every Christmas eve, my late father brought us the delicious chicken 65 there and we enjoyed it with a glass of wine. As it goes out, it carries with it some of those memories, but it will always have a special place in my heart.

- Rithika Fernandes, biologist.