As of today, SC to run with the strength of 31 judges.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will start functioning on Monday after a month and a half of summer recess and it will be the first time in the last decade that the apex court will work with its total sanctioned force of 31 judges, including the President of the Court Supreme Court of India, and important cases are ready to be heard in the coming days.

Around 1,100 cases, including a batch of petitions against the law to provide a 10% reserve to economically weaker sectors of society, are listed before 15 seats of the first instance court on the first day after summer vacations.

The SC is likely to address other important and sensitive cases in the coming days. The court is likely to issue its verdict on the petition for review of the Rafale controversy and the contempt suit against the president of Congress. Rahul Gandhi for mistakenly attributing his jibe chowkidar chor hai against PM Narendra Modi to the C.

The court will also hear a series of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of Article 35A, which grants special rights and privileges to Ju0026K natives.

The court will also examine CBI's investigation into the rape and murder case of the foster home after complaints were filed against the agency to protect the main defendant. The court had ordered the agency at the last hearing to wrap up the investigation and submit a status report to it.

As more than 46,000 home buyers are stuck in various housing projects and are looking for the SC to rescue them, the court is likely to give its full judgment on the future course of action to protect their interest and ensure that they obtain possession. of floors.