The government could not eliminate CBFC's pre-censorship powers: Mantri

NEW DELHI: Minister Iu0026B Prakash Javadekar saying Lok Sabha Last week, the government was unable to implement the recommendations made by an expert committee to eliminate the pre-censorship powers of the Central Board of Film Certification () due to the intricate complexities that arose in the consultation meeting between the ministry, the Chief Minister and Representatives of the film industry in June of last year.

The expert committee chaired by Shyam Benegal submitted a two-part report in April and June 2016, recommending that there should be no system for imposing excisions, modifications and changes to films and that the CBFC should only function as a certification body.

The committee also recommended new certification categories - UA12 +, UA15 + and AC (Adult with caution) - in addition to suggesting that the scope of CBFC should be limited to deciding which category of audience can watch a particular movie, unless the film violates the provisions of Section 5B (2) of the Cinematography Act of 1952, or exceeds the limitations defined in the highest category of certification recommended by the committee.