The Kedarnath visit was an opportunity to meet me: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: The time spent in meditation after the elections were over was the opportunity to meet after the heat and dust of the voting was over, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi He said.

In his first Mann ki Baat after re-election, he said that the radio talk was not the platform to talk about his stay in Kedranath, but he promised that he would answer the large number of questions he received.

To tell the truth, it was an opportunity to meet me (mujh ko mujh se milne ka avsar tha), he said, adding that the time spent in seclusion helped him resolve issues clearly. Previously, he has said that higher reaches have been a favorite area to visit and find inspiration for him over the years.

The PM said he had missed the interaction over the talk programme which he noted kept generating positive thoughts and actions. “I cannot recall any instance where someone has asked for something personally,” he He said. Mann ki Baat gives him ideas and helps him frame ideas for governance, he He said. The reactions and inputs had convinced him that the country was receptive to change, he added.