Director of Trinoyoni happy with the love of the audience for his show.

Director of television Swarnendu Samadder It's in the cloud nine these days. Affectionately called Swarna, he is a coveted TV director due to his popular projects such as Potolkumar Gaanwala, Gopal Bhar, among others. Currently, he is directing Trinoyoni, which keeps the audience glued to their televisions. Busy one Sunday morning on the set, he shared: According to popular viewing habits, Trinoyoni It is the second best TV and I am happy to direct the project. It is about setting one's destiny among all the forecasts, but there are also many surprises on the way. NSwarnendu is also ready with the script of his first feature film and in search of a producer. His colleagues believe that he is a true game changer in the television industry. I love working with Swarna because of its great efficiency and the fact that work looks effortless. He is also a simple soul, a little in love and very hot, he said. Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee , who plays a key role in the series and shares a great relationship with the director.

Actress Shruti Das It is seen playing the title role in this popular show. Gourab Roy Chowdhury The fame of Shubho Drishti is also seen rehearsing the main character in this show. The actor is a popular face of the Bengali television industry and has appeared on many shows, including Tomaye Amaye Mile and Gourab and Shruti are sharing the screen space for the first time in the series. Gourab, who began his career in the theater, is happy with the scope of his work in this project and, like everyone else, shares a cordial relationship with the director.