Bharat Kaul & ssatrash show traverses more than 100 shows

This Has Been A Year Ago Bharat Kaul . After Years Of Acting In Films And Television, The Actor Stepped Into A New Medium, Jatra And Voila! His First Tryst, Polligaaer Moila Meye, Has Been Crossing Over 100 Shows.

" I Got Jatra Offer Years Ago. Due To The Tax Schedule And The Heavy Performance, Many Friends Discouraged. But I Needed A Pause Of Monotonies. This Is My 26 Th Year In The Industry. I've Worked In Several Blockbusters, Including Sasurbari Zindabad , And Th And Decided To Go To Mumbai. After I Came Back In 2014, I Started Working For TV, And During The Peak Of Phagun Bou, In Which I Play One Of The Pivotal Characters, Shejka, I Decided To Take On A New Challenge, Jatra. ”

Started In October, Muktamanjari's Polligaaer Moila Meye, No Time To Be A Hit “This Is Taking Me To The Nooks And Corners Of Bengal. I Have Been To Remote Villages Or Bardhaman Purulia Bankura And So On. I Am Enjoying It To The Fullest. Directed By Nepal Sarkar, I Also Got To Work With Th Seasoned Jatra Actors, Like Bidisha Mohanty, Jayanta Kumar, Tapas Raha And O Th Ers, ”he Said.

“This Is A Special Year For Me. I Turned 50 And My Daughter Turned Th Ree. I Am Happy Th At I Started Doing Some Th Ing New And Th At Worked In My Favor. It Definitely Doesn't Mean Th At I Would Continue To Do Jatra. However, I Could Break Th Rough Th E Monotony And Th Is Great For Me, ”Bharat Signed Off.