The court in Delhi condemns man to three years in prison for exposing the woman to cruelty

NEW DELHI: A Has Sentenced A Man To Three Years In Prison Because He Had Subjected His Wife To Cruelty To Force Her To Satisfy His Dowry, Forcing Her To Commit Suicide Within A Year And A Half After Their Marriage. Additional Sessions Review Deepak Garg Who Convicts 30-year-old Pradeep Under Section 498 A (Husband Or His Relative Wife Subjecting Cruelty) Of The (IPC) And A Rs 20,000 Fine.

It Has Been Proved That Renu (woman) Was Subjected To Cruelty In Her Marital Home And She Was Harassed With An Eye To Force Her And Her Parents To Fulfill The Said Illegal Requirement Of Money ... Under Section 498 A IPC, The Court Said.

However, The Court Prosecuted Pradeep For The Violation. It Also Acquitted Renu's Mother-in-law From All Charges.

It Said That The Fine Deposited By The Convicted Person Will Be Treated As Compensation For The Parents Of The Victim.

According To The Prosecutor, Renu And Pradeep Were Married In 2014 And The In-laws Of The Victim Did Not Request Dowry During The Wedding.

After Two Months, Her In-laws Started Demanding Money Under The Pretext That She Came Under Debt For The Expenses Incurred For The Marriage, It Said.

Renu ' S Mother Claimed That On Various Occasions She Had Given Rs 50,000, Rs 40,000 And Rs 10,000 To Pradeep. She Had Told The Court That Her Daughter Had Been Beaten And Harassed To Force Her To Meet Their Growing Demand For Money.

In 2016, Renu Committed Suicide By Hanging Herself In Her Marital Home.

An FIR Was Registered Against Pradeep, A Resident Of Budh Vihar In, And His Mother For Harassing A Woman, Dowling Death And Doing Acts With A Common Intention.

In 2017, The Court Estimated Charges Against The Two Accused, Who Had Not Pleaded Guilty.