Hyderabad woman trafficked to surrender Muscat blood, family urges Sushma Swaraj to help her return

HYDERABAD: A Woman From Hyderabad Has Urged The Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj To Help Her Daughter (who Was Traded To Oman ) Back Home.

The Victim Of Kulsum Begum Is Of Crucial Importance And She Is Now In The Relief Center Of The Embassy After They Have Escaped From The Home Of The ' Kafil ' (employer). Ruksar Banu Said Her Daughter Has Been In The Shelter For The Last Four Months And Has Been Having Serious Health Problems And She Is Starting To Vomit Blood. She Said That The Doctors At The Badar Al Sama Hospital In Muscat Had Also Said Both Her Kidneys And Failed.

The Problem For Kulsum Begum Is That The ' Kafil ' Has Required She Pay Him One Lakh To Have Her Return To India. Ruksar Begum Said That The Officials Of The Embassy Had Called Them And Informed Them About It. Because The Family Is Unable To Pay That Amount, She Is Stuck There.

" Kulsum Begum Is Languishing In The Shelter Home Of The Indian Embassy In Muscat And The Health Condition Is Critical And She Needs To Be Sent Back To India," Social Worker Amjed Ullah Khan Urged The Embassy And Also Sushma Swaraj.

According To Ruksar Banu, The Mother Had Been Approached By A Travel Agent, A Resident Of Chalchalguda And Offered A Job As A Beautician In Muscat, Oman With A Salary Of Rs 25,000. She Traveled To Muscat On December 17, 2017 But After She Landed There, She Was Ill-treated And Denied Food And Proper Accommodation. She Was Also Allegedly Beaten Up After Being Locked Up In A Room By The Kafil As She Told Them She Had Been Brought To Muscat To Work As A Beautician And There She Was Forced To Do Household Work Round-the-clock.

When The Torture Became Unbearable, She Fled From The House Of The Kafil, Together With Another Woman, And Reached The Asylum House Of The Embassy. The Local Agent In Hyderabad Replaced Her On Request By Another Maid, But A Punishment From Rs One Lakh Was Reportedly Imposed On Her By The Kafil. The Local Agent Also Took Rs 15,000 From The Family Who Promised That Kulsum Begum Would Be Returned To India, But Because This Did Not Happen, They Filed A Complaint With The Dabeerpura Police.