Center provides incentives to 10 states for success in police reform

NEW DELHI: The Center Has Released Rs 7.69 Crore As An Incentive For 10 Countries That Have Succeeded In Realizing Job Vacancies, The Use Of Technology In Tackling Crime And The Welfare Of Police Personnel.

An Interior Minister Also Said That Rs 769 Crore Was Given To States In The Context Of The Modernization Of Police In The Last Fiscal Year.

For The First Time, Rs 7.69 Crore Incentive Funds Are Each Released To Ten States For Implementation Of Police Reforms.

The States That Were Eligible For The Incentive Were Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand And Uttar Pradesh, The Official Said.

Police Reforms Have Been On The Agenda Of Successive Governments Almost Since Independence. However, Progress In This Area Has Been Slow, Which Has Led To Giving Incentives To The States That Perform Better.

The 10 States That Were Rewarded Have Made Huge Progress In Filling Vacancies, Using Emerging Mobile And IT Applications, GIS-based Computer-assisted Shipping, Online Complaint Registration, Electronic Archiving Among Others.

The Other Areas Where States Have Made Progress Include The Purchase Of Modern Weapons, Equipment, Vehicles, CCTV Surveillance, Data Centers, Command And Control Centers.

Welfare Measures Such As Providing Housing And Medical Facilities For Police Personnel, Toilet Facilities For Female Staff In Police Stations Have Also Been Taken Into Account When Determining Incentives, Another Official Said.

Providing Sufficient Manpower To State Police Organizations Is One Of The First Requirements To Prosecute Crimes. Further Require Complex Internal Security Challenges, Such As Left-wing Extremism, Terrorism And Technology And Crimes Related To Women, Focused And Undivided Attention.

It Is Crucial That Not Only The Existing Job Vacancies Are Filled, But That A Comprehensive Assessment Of The Sanctioned Power Of State Police Personnel Is Carried Out And That A Time-specific State Recruitment And Training Program Is Completed, The Official Said.

Meanwhile, The Budget Allocation For The 2018-1920 Budget Year Was Rs 769 Crore For Sub-Regulation Assistance To Police Modernization States Against Which Rs 768.83 Crore (nearly 100 Percent) Is Released.

The Full Allocation Of Crs Rs 100 For Assistance To State Government For Special Projects/Programs For Upgrading Police Infrastructure Has Also Been Released By The Interior Ministry, The Official Said.