Why Shahid could not keep his date with the fans?

We love Shahid, we love Shahid, we love Shahid ..., thundered the crowd of 2,500 people gathered in a Gachibowli access point on Monday night. The club was full to the maximum, despite being the start of the work week, because Shahid kapoor & Kiara Advani Party with the Hyderabadis in the city of Arjun Reddy. The crowd started arriving from 8 pm to get the best place in the house. At 9 o'clock at night there was no place to move. The frenzy reached a crescendo around 11 pm, when it was finally announced that Shahid will be here at any moment ...! The emotion was crazy at that moment. First they said that it came from above; then they announced that he would enter from the center ... but even after 30 minutes or more, Shahid was not seen. Later, we came to know that he came but left without entering lanParty Arena due to some security reasons, says Sunny Anand, a P3 player.

Amateurs who had watched Shahid announce his arrival in Hyderabad & his entry into the pub on social media were left flummoxed at this mysterious no show. “Imagine my disappointment when I heard that a lucky few actually caught a glimpse of Shahid when he waved from above the stairs. Some even managed to get a hazy shot of him. I waited for four hours in vain. I didn’t even know when he entered & when he left,” says Kanchan, a heartbroken fan. Abhinav Deshmukh, of the club, has an explanation. He says, “Shahid’s flight was delayed & he was a little under the weather as well. He had to take medication, so he was late to the venue. On arriving at the club, he was taken aback when he saw the massive crowd who kept screaming his name. His manager too was apprehensive about him getting on stage because the crowd was uncontrollable despite the 65 security personnel arranged. It could have turned into a major safety issue, so it was best that he left the venue as soon as possible.”