Net, celebrities came to bless Sai, Sonika at her wedding gala evening.

The wedding reception of Sai Suveer, son of the politician Muthyam Reddy - And Sonika was a big deal with a lot of pomp and show. Held in a luxury place in Gachibowli , the party was all shine and glamor when a series of politicians, celebrities and socialites showed up to bless the newlyweds. 19wedding12


19wedding6 While the bride looked dazzling in a royal blue dress with silver details, the groom looked elegant in a tuxedo and a bow. The place was adorned with flowers and twinkling lights and the love and camaraderie of the couple on stage were hard to miss, as they cut the cake and ate with love.


19wedding11 The groom's family was the perfect hostess and the guests could not help but praise the luxurious spread of Mughlai, India and Chinese cuisine .