Do brain biopsies have clues about the cause of death?

PATNA/MUZAFFARPUR: The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), based in Patna, recommended that the government perform brain biopsies and tissue cultures to find out what is causing (AES) that has killed more than 100 children in the district .

The state government asked the IGIMS to suggest steps to find the cause of AES. Based on the studies and deliberations on research conducted by agencies around the world on the spread of AES in Muzaffarpur, we have recommended brain biopsies, said IGIMS medical superintendent Dr. Manish. Mandal said. He said that the exact cause of AES is still unknown, since most of the investigations have been based on blood samples.

When asked why brain biopsies were not performed in suspected cases of AES, Dr. Gopal Shankar Sahni, head of pediatrics at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital said: Biopsies and other forms of autopsy are performed only in the case of deaths not natural .