Delhi court baffled as wife says Rs 2 crore settlement money exhausted, rejects plea for relief

NEW DELHI: When A Woman Said She Was Rs 2 Paid By Her Alienated Husband As Part Of Their Divorce Agreement, Exhausted And Rs 5 Lakh Wanted To Have Monthly Maintenance, A Said It Was" Staggering" And" Intriguing" Such A Large Amount Was Spent In A Time Span Of Only A Year And A Half.

" She Cannot Be Allowed To Set Up Temporary Maintenance Just Because Her Husband Is Rich And Prosperous ..." , Said Chief Judge Manoj Jain, Who Refused To Give An Order In Favor Of The Wife. The Court Further Noted That Although The Woman Was Accustomed To A Relatively Opulent Lifestyle, She Was Obliged To Disclose Full Details To Show Under What Circumstances She" Blew" Such A Huge Amount In Such A Short Time.

Man's Counsel, Advocate Prabhjit Jauhar, Disputed The Allegations And Argued That The Woman Had Not Stood Up For Filing The Second Motion Of Divorce, And More Importantly, Not For Details On How She Spends The Money.

The Court Had Not Taken The Expenses Into Account. And In The Absence Of Such A Detail, It Became Difficult For Her To Decide Whether She Was Entitled To Spend The Entire Rs 2 Crore Or Whether She Was Indeed Short Of Funds Or Was About To Become A Wanderer. Remember The Details Of How The Money Evaporates In The Air And Suggests That She Might Have A Wasteful Attitude," Noted It.

The Alienated Couple , With Two Minor Children, Applied For Divorce After Marital Discord And Signed One (MoU) In 2015. According To MoU, The Man Had To Pay Rs 5 Crore For A Complete And Final Settlement To The Woman. At The Time Of Filing The First Motion Of Divorce, The Man Paid The Woman Rs 2 Crore. The Remainder Of The Amount Had To Be Paid At The Time Of Submitting The Second Motion Six Months Later. However, The Woman Filed The Plea In November 2017, Claiming That The Man Did Not Abide By The Rules And Deprived Her Of Her Part Of The Settlement.

The Woman Also Claimed That Until May 2016, When The First Motion Of Divorce Was Allowed, She Received Rs 5 Lakh For The Monthly Maintenance Of Her Children, Household Expenses, And Her Personal Expenses. She Had Therefore Requested Monthly Maintenance Of Rs 5 Lakh In Addition To Rs 36 Lakh In Arrears, Which Was Included Monthly As Rs 3 Lakh In The Case Of A Default Under The MoU.

However, The Court Pointed Out That Even If Rs 3 Lakh Maintenance Was Considered, The Rs 2 Crore Amount For Five-and-a-half Years Should Be Sufficient