" We have to start again" : Puri starts picking up the pieces after Cyclone Fani

PURI/BHUBANESWAR: A Group Of Children Playing Cricket In The Background Of A Fallen Mast With High Mast On The Ground Puri Beach And Street Vendors Who Tried To Look For Something That Survived The Nearly 200 Km/h Long Storm, Are Snapshots That Summarize The Situation Here As The City Tries To Return To The Standard.

Glass Panels Or Hotel Rooms Along The Beach Look Like They Have Been Bombed. Heaps Of Sand Cover The Black-top Road Parallel To The Beach, One Of Puri ' S Most Active Spots. But The Destruction Has Failed To Continue Human Spirit And Efforts Are Already Under Way By Locals, Volunteers And Civilian Staff To Get The Town Up And Running.

A Woman Sitting In Front Of Her Damaged House In Puri.

The Cyclone Was A Nightmare. We Never Expected It To Be That Bad. But It Is Lord Jagannath ' S Country. It Is Going Well With Its Blessings. Why Do We Need To Think Of What We Have Lost? We Need To Start Again, Said A Street Vendor Gathering All The Useful Remains Of His Stall In Which Previously Decorative Items Were Sold

But Although It May Take Months To Repair The Infrastructure, Tourists Have Begun To Arrive. Because I Was Planning To Come, I Didn't Cancel It. We Reason Said Student Sangram Singh.

In Bhubaneswar, The Bhumunicipal Corporation Is Faced With The Uphill Task Of Clearing Away The Rubble With Its Nearly 700 Sanitary Workers Who Have Left For Their Home Village After Fani Walked Through The Coast, Wiped Out Houses And Flattened Cities And Villages.

The Result Is That The Restoration Work Is Taking Place At The Speed Of A Snail ' S In The City. Residents Said That Tons Of Green Waste Were Spread Over The City. In The Meantime, Residents Of Different Places Have Picked Up The Cudgels To Clean Their Respective Areas Themselves.