Will Kadambini, protagonist of Ushasi Ray, come off the air?

The Bengali TV series Kadambini will reportedly soon go off the air. If the rumors are to be believed, then the show will end in October, although the channel has yet to officially announce it. Meanwhile, the news has put off the entire cast and crew. The ambitious project is based on the life of Dr. Kadambini Ganguly . Ushasi Ray actors, Monoj Ojha play the main roles. Despite setting great hope, the show has yet to cast its spell on TRP's charts, reports suggest. This has reportedly prompted the channel to make the decision.

Since the past few days, rumors abounded that the show might go off the air soon. With the new promo for an upcoming show, the buzz has gotten even louder.

Meanwhile, another channel is running a show based on Kadamnini Ganguly . The program titled Prothoma Kadambini It features the actress Solanki roy in the title role while Bafna Honey is paired in front of her. The show was launched before Ushasi's protagonist, Kadambini.

Well, not just Kadambini, according to sources, the TV show Ekhane Akash Neel starred Sean Banerjee and Anamika Chakraborty is also rumored to be off the air. The show has a large fan base, who are upset at this news and are taking social media by storm demanding that the show continue.