Ambarish is excited to co-host a show with Kharaj

Ambarish Bhattacharya is excited to co-host a comedy show with Kharaj Mukherjee & Jisshu U Sengupta . In talking to us about the show, Hasiwala And Company, Ambarish said: Although I had anchored Saat Paake Bandha With Sohini sarkar , this will be my first comedy show as a co-anchor & that too, with an actor like Kharajda, who I feel is one of our most talented actors. His comic timing is just brilliant. I hope I will also learn from him while shooting.”

Speaking about Jisshu, the lead anchor of the show, Ambarish said, “Jisshu as an anchor is always a hit, as he knows how to engage the audience in a show. In this situation where everything is uncertain, I hope this show will give the audience something to laugh about. Mentally, we all should be fine to overcome this pandemic & the difficult times & laughter is the best medicine for this,” said the actor, who is currently shooting for the serial, Khorkuto.

“I am working with all the senior actors like Chandan Sen, Dulal Lahiri & others in Khorkuto & each day I learn some nitty-gritties of acting from them. Sohini (Sengupta) is also part of this project. So we have a nice adda in between shots,” he said.

Ambarish will also begin filming for Fatafati with Aparajita Addhy starting in November. “With Aparajitadi I have worked in Open Tee Bioscope. But in this movie, we are facing each other. The movie is about body shame. I can't reveal anything else now, ”he said.