Ke Apon Ke By: Joba finds out about Bishan

In the latest episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Ratna blames herself for Param 'S condition and the latest conflicts at the household. Joba talks to her mom and requests her to calm down. She also urges Ratna to appear before the court and help her to get Pratap & Bishan be punished.

On the other hand, Itu isn’t ready to bow down. She goes to Koel’s room & asks her to have food. Koel loses her temper seeing Itu. She humiliates Itu, who was once a househelp. She tries to send Itu out of her room forcefully. Soon Sarthak & Joba enter Koel’s room. Joba scolds Koel for her ill-treatment towards Itu. This handles the matter calmly. Finally, Koel decides to have food & Joba heaves a sigh of relief.

Next day, Joba gets ready. Today is the next hearing of Ratna ’s case. Itu wants to visit the court & witness Joba fighting for justice in the court. Koel comes & starts humiliating Itu once again. Joba asks Itu to take care of the baby.

Later, the police officer visits Joba’s place. He informs that Bishan ran away last night. This leaves the family members shocked. They fear for Joba’s safety while Koel says, Bishan will ’s safety while Koel says, Bishan will kill them. She blames Joba for putting their lives at stake.