Sreemoyee: Anindya still loves his ex-wife Sreemoyee

The creators of Sreemoyee are leaving no stone unturned to spice up the storyline. The story took a new twist with Anindya confessing his feelings for ex-wife Sreemoyee in front of present wife June .

In the last episode, Rohit requests Anindya to actively participate in Dinka ’S wedding arrangements. Anindya still hesitates. Seeing this, Rohit tries to make him comfortable. His warm behavior melts Anindya. The guilt feeling is still bothering Anindya.

Upal requests Anindya to be with them hinting at the recent incident where Sreemoyee had to face the heat alone due to their (Sreemoyee and Anindya) relationship. Arindam asks Anindya to cheer up and enjoy the festive spirit. Sreemoyee decides to divide the responsibility and make sure she doesn’t have to face Anindya.

As the family members discuss the arrangements, June comes and asks Anindya to be with him. June tries to gain sympathy and talks about her psychological issues. She also threatens to commit suicide. Sreemoyee makes it clear that she didn’t ask Anindya here to join the discussion.

When June fails to gain sympathy from others, she requests Sremoyee to help her. She talks about losing everything. A desperate June begs everyone to let Anindya live with her.

June ’s behaviour leaves Anindya embarrassed. He makes it clear that he doesn't love June . He was attracted to her but has always loved Sreemoyee . Anindya’s reply leaves everyone surprised. When June creates yet another round of drama, he asks her to leave.

Patralekha comes home and assures June that she will support her no matter what. June talks against Sreemoyee and provokes Anindya’s mom. He talks about divorcing June this irks Patralekha and blames Sreemoyee .