Ke Apon Ke By: Joba Finally Comes Home

In Ke Apon Ke By , Koel come home first. Panchali, who is helping Bishan in his conspiracy, points a gun at Koel. Bishan asks Panchali to be gentle with Koel.

Bishan is well aware that Koel went against her mom Joba and came to the house. He shares this information with the other family members too. Koel pleads Bishan to take her with him and let the family members go. The family members wonder how to handle the situation.

Leaving the family members shocked, Koel also assures Bishan that she will hand over the evidence the moment Joba comes.

Bishan's behavior irks Surya and he asks the former to behave himself. Bishan loses his calm and outburst. He ties the family members and says if Joba doesn’t come back, he will kill Kuhu .

Joba, Anu and Mayuri discuss the plan so that they can save the family members. Soon the police officer comes and speaks with Joba. The latter shares her plan with him to catch Bishan without putting the family members into any more risk. Joba decides that she will go inside the home.

In the meantime, And you Go upstairs to see your child and try to find a solution to handle the situation.

The family members wait with bated breath for Joba. She is yet to come. Bishan gets restless and drags Kuhu. He points the gun at the little girl. Suddenly someone knocks at the door. Joba finally comes and Panchali answers the door with a gun in her hand.