Sreemoyee: Rohit promises Sreemoyee to help Dinka

Sreemoyee's current story revolves around June's nasty conspiracy and the false accusation about Dinka made by Arna's parents.

In the last episode, Arindam is upset with Anindya and blames him for not taking care of his family, especially children. Arindam alleges that Anindya should have thought about his children but he (Anindya) focused on his personal life and got married again. Sreemoyee reminds Anindya how he criticized Dinka while he was hospitalized during Jumbo’s wedding.

Anindya says his intention was never wrong. He wanted Dinka to have a steady career. Upal He assures that they will seek his help if necessary, but now, they do not need anything.

Sreemoyee asks Anindya whether he has faith in Dinka. To her relief, Anindya says, Dinka might be stubborn but he is good at heart and can never hurt even a small creature.

Arindam still worries about June, who is speaking with the police. They know June would never speak something positive about Dinka. Anindya says, no matter what June says, Dinka will prove his innocence. Sremoyee breaks down into tears.

Rohit calls Sreemoyee and Dithi answers it. She informs them about the new problem they are facing. Later, Rohit learns from Sreemoyee about Dinka’s incident. He gets shocked learning the recent update.

Rohit worries about Dinka, who is a good human being. He promises Sreemoyee to help Dinka at any cost. Sreemoyee informs him that June went to record her statement. This leaves Rohit shocked. He says Sreemoyee shouldn't have forgiven June.

Later, Rohit talks to Arindam and assures that Dinka will be back soon.