Krishnakoli update: Aditya points a gun at Disha

Bengali television series Krishnakoli is preparing for a high voltage drama by bringing Shyama back to history.

In the last episode, Arun's condition deteriorates. Disha says he will take him to the hospital. Daddy she intends to go but is discouraged.

Daddy breaks down into tears when Disha insults her.

Sujata wonders why Arun’s condition worsened although the doctor said he will be fine by morning. She asks Daddy whether she fed anything to Arun. Daddy denies but this reminds Amrapali of the syringe she saw in Arun’s room.

Amrapali takes Sujata and Daddy to Arun’s room but fails to show anything.

Nikhil comes to the company that posted the ad. Learn what Aditya posted the ad.

Arun is in critical condition. Alok and Disha is taken to the ER and the doctor suggests that he may not survive.

Alok gets shocked by the statement and urges him to save Arun.

Disha has some other plan in mind and asks Alok to leave the room. When he refuses to, Disha insults him.

As soon as he leaves, Disha asks the doctor to kill Arun. The doctor hesitates, but Disha offers him a large sum of money. The doctor explains that there is a possibility that he will be caught, but Disha is determined.

Suddenly the light goes off. Aditya enters and points a gun at Disha and the doctor.

On the other hand, Daddy calls Disha but the latter doesn’t receive it. She breaks down and informs Sujata .

A lady (Shyama) enters the emergency room and takes Arun with her.

Later when Alok learns about this, Disha blames Aditya for abducting Arun.