Ke Apon Ke By: Joba finds out about her sister

It seems that the Ke Apon Ke Por story is ready for a new twist. Joba takes an oath to discover his sister and prove Ratna Innocence in court.

In the latest episode, Pradeep reveals that Ratna was pregnant when he found her. Ratna was admitted to a shelter home where she gave birth to a girl. Joba is relieved to know about the same. When Joba asks what happened to the baby, Pradeep fails to recall. Soon, he starts feeling unwell.

Pradeep’s are requests Joba and Surya leave.

Joba feels helpless and leaves the place. But she decides to wait outside Pradeep’s house.

Joba and Surya discuss that Pradeep is the only person who can state the truth. His statement is really important if he is able to appear in the courtroom. But Pradeep is unwell and his son won’t allow them to speak with him.

Family members throw a birthday party for Kuhu, but she misses her mother. Family members try to comfort the child when they don't put it on.

Koel calls up Surya and learns that they are still waiting outside Pradeep’s house.

Surya also tells Koel about Ratna's baby girl. Ratna breaks down into tears when she learns about the baby. Surya asks Joba to go back since it is already late. Joba asks Surya to talk to the cops who work in Bahuria police station.