Krishnakoli: the Chowdhury family learns of Aditya's good intentions

In the latest episode of Krishnakoli , the doctor gives all the medical treatment but Arun does not respond initially.

Aditya asks his partner to accompany him, but she is not ready. She cries profusely and prays for Arun's well-being.

Amrapali arrives at the hospital and is Alok and Disha.

Alok says, according to the cops, Aditya is in this hospital. So they still have some hope to find out Aditya and Arun.

At the Chowdhury mansion, Rukmini discovers the keys to Sujata almirah. She takes all the decorations.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Amrapali bumps into Aditya and informs the cops. But Aditya manages a close escape.

After a while, Arun gets well. Coincidentally, Amrapali reaches the cabin where Arun has been kept. She thinks the doctor has been bribed by Aditya and is trying to harm Arun. She informs the police.

Soon, Disha, Alok along, along with the cops reach the cabin . When the cops enquire, the doctor reveals the truth how Aditya forced him to treat Arun on a gunpoint. He had no idea that Arun was abducted but as a doctor, he was asked to perform his duty, which he readily did. He says, Arun is out of danger and will be able to speak soon.

Disha tries to prove that the doctor is the main culprit, but fails. Deep down, she's worried that Arun will reveal the whole truth and get into serious trouble.

Over the phone, Amrapali gives the good news to Sujata who is relieved. Daddy he is super happy.

By this time, Rukmini has packed all of Sujata's ornaments.

After the investigation, the cops say, Aditya wanted to save Arun, so she took him to the best doctor available at the hospital. This leaves curious why Aditya was unhappy with the treatment that Arun was given earlier and who Arun's partner was.