Exclusive: Krishnakoli Producer Apologizes to Fans After Meme Showing Doctors Using Cleaning Pad In Scene Goes Viral

A serious scene from the popular Bengali TV series Krishnakoli It supposedly became the food of trolls after a section of netizens found an uncanny resemblance between the automated external defibrillator shown in the scene and a cleaning pad. It instantly went viral, providing inspiration to meme creators.

This is one of the posts on social media:

meme post

ETimes-TV contacted the producer Susanta das , whose brainchild is ‘Krishnakoli’. He readily accepted it and described it as an ‘unintended mistake’. Susanta said, “It was an unintended mistake. It isn’t possible to arrange all necessary articles for a scene. We use props and try to give it a realistic look. Had we painted it, none would have realized what it is. We generally do it but this time, we missed it. It slipped our eyes. It was never deliberate and we respect our viewers. I am really sorry to my viewers who made the show a success.

The show stars Neel Bhattacharya and Tiyasha Roy as he leads and dominates the TRP charts almost consistently.

Susanta, who is a busy bee, has to take care of her shows Ke Apon Ke By , Titli, Alo Chhaya and others. She explained how those mistakes happen during a shoot in which the cast and crew have to race against time. “I was not present during the filming. The team members, EP and everyone else work very hard. The crew has to shoot a certain amount of footage every day, whatever happens. Now that we have a 2-day lockdown every week, it's really difficult for them. Without losing sight of time, these mistakes can occur. We are only human, although we should have been more cautious, he added.

Interestingly, the scene has yet to be broadcast on television and is only available on the OTT or web-based version of the channel. Susanta insisted that the scene was edited after they found out. Speaking about the same, he added: “The new episode with the particular scene has not yet aired on television. In fact, it will air today. Only top subscribers to the channel's web platform can see it. We have already rectified it for today's broadcast.

Susanta, who has had several hits on Bengali television, also smells like fish. She said: “In regards to this particular scene, I have easily accepted the mistake and promise that it will never happen again. We have also planned to share a post-bid apology to the audience for the same. But it hurts me immense that some people are attacking the show on social media. I take trolls and criticism with a lot of sportsmanship, but in case of a deliberate attempt it hurts a lot, especially since we all work hard. Previously, several other artists were said to have tested positive for COVID-19. Although Jeetu (Neel Bhattacharya) and Vivaan (Ghosh) were the two who tested positive. We take care of that immediately.