Ke Apon Ke By: Tanna misbehaves with Joba's mom

In the latest episode of Ke Apon Ke By Bishan's plan fails miserably and he is arrested. It is revealed how Joba knew about Bishan's plan and worked with Joba to defeat him this time.

Then, Ratna He comes home and is happy to meet Joba's family.

Then, Joba talks to her mom about her past. Ratna tells she was pregnant when she was taken into police custody and beaten up by them. Cops, who were in support of Pratap, thought she died and threw her off the bridge. After that, Ratna can’t recall anything. She also doesn’t know about her baby.

Joba talks to Surya and Param. She says they need to find out about her brother.

Surya says the case file says, Ratna tried to run away, But Ratna's version is completely different. They can win the case if they manage to substantiate Ratna's statement.

Surya says they need to get a medical certificate that states Ratna is physically and mentally fit to be a witness. Joba says they need to have some solid proof. They decide to find out whether Pratap runs the child trafficking racket.

Elsewhere, a lady can be seen attacking other jail inmates. Later it is dominated by the police.

Joba goes to the mental hospital to know more truth regarding Ratna's case. She learns that someone called, P.Mukherjee admitted Ratna to the hospital. She learns about former super Ramaprasad who can help her out in this case.

Suddenly, Tanna calls Joba and seems to be angry. Rinki asks him to calm down.

At Param's place, Ratna can be seen leaving the house. Param, Sarthak , Koel try to stop her.

Tanna says, he has no issues if Ratna stays in the house but he needs the guest room to work.

Joba comes and talks to Tanna. Rinki asks Tanna to make another arrangement and let Ratna stay in the room. Koel offers her to stay in their room along with Koel and Kuhu.

Joba humbly requests Tanna to let Ratna stay with the family. Rinki feels bad for her husband’s behavior. Tanna realizes his fault and apologises to him.