Krishnakoli: Disha hatches a nasty plan to harm Arun

The Krishnakoli story is taking an interesting turn. The Chowdhury family is shocked by the advertisement in the newspaper that talks about Shyama's show. The family wonders who could have published it since they already canceled it.

Arun shows some positive sign. It goes Disha in deep worry. She meets a man who gives her some harmful medicine. Disha wants to kill Arun before he reveals anything.

Rukmini worries who may have posted the ad. She says Nikhil is trying to dig up the matter.

Radha hatches a new plan to steal some decorations.

Amrapali worries about Arun and decide to have a check on him. Amrapali listens to a sound in the living area and realises someone is there. She notices Disha and wonders where she went. She asks Disha about the medicine in her hands too. Disha tries to avoid the conversation and speaks about the advertisement instead. Amrapali says she has no idea who might be behind the advertisement.

Disha worries if Arun wakes up she and Ashok will be in jail. He wants to inject the harmful drug into Arun's body before he reveals anything.

Radha wants to steal Papiya's ornaments but Rukmioni stops her. Soon she notices Amrapali ornaments. Rukmini discourages her and says she saw Amrapali beating thugs in the temple premises. She will beat them to pieces if her decorations are stolen.

Disha intends to push the injection in Arun’s body.