It is a summary for the Kopalkundola team

The Bengali TV show Kopalkundola is going to end his journey. The team recently had their wrap-up session. It was an emotional moment for the entire cast and crew as they filmed for the last time.

The show is based on Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay's Kopalkundola. The show starring Soumi Chatterjee and Sounak Lightning in the main roles. Tumpa Paul, Debojyoti Roychowdhury , Chaitali Chakraborty, Srija Gangopadhyay , Sayak Chakraborty, and many other popular faces play prominent roles on the show. Soumi trials Kopalkundala , Sounak plays Nabakumar while Debojyoti rehearses the character of Kapalik on the show. Soumi, who is a teenager in real life, left the audience mesmerized with her performance. She entered the television industry as a child entertainer and went on to do a few shows before landing the lead role in Kopalkundola. Sounak, on the other hand, had a great opportunity with this show. She has theatrical experience and has been a part of Rani Rashmoni and Mangal Chandi. Her performances were appreciated by the public.

With 'Kopalkundola', director Raj chakraborty returned to television as a producer. The show made a good noise even before its launch. The first promo left audiences wanting more with some stunning shots and visuals. The ambitious project kept expectations quite high. From the set and outfit to the visual grandeur, Kopalkundola's creators took care of every detail to make the show a success. But the show did not live up to the high expectations in terms of TRP.