Exclusive: Mahendra Singh Dhoni Taught Me That Preparation Is Most Important, Says Actor Joey Debroy

Cricket lovers around the world have yet to accept Mahendra Singh Dhoni Decision to withdraw from International Cricket. The former Indian captain, who ruled the 22 yards as well as a million hearts with his talent, confidence and charisma, left everyone in shock with the sudden announcement on August 15.

Bengali actor Joey debroy I met Mahi several times and also had the opportunity to share the screen while filming a TV commercial. Joey shared his experience exclusively with ETimes TV.

“I still can't believe MS Dhoni is not going to play international cricket. It is the end of a glorious era. The news stunned me. My eyes got wet when I saw the video on his Instagram account, ”shares Joey.

Dhoni announced her decision with an Instagram post that read, “Thank you so much for your love and support at all times. From 1929 hours I consider myself as Retired. sic. He also uploaded a video that actually left his fans excited. Cricket lovers are now inundated with the memories of his 'dhuadhar ballebazi' in the fold, bringing home the World Cup, numerous match-winning moments, defeating his archrivals on the field, to name a few. And Joey is no exception. Joey had fond memories with the cricketer so he knows the trick to turning an impossible match in favor of his team.

Joey, who was an engineering student, has worked in several prestigious organizations before his time as an actor. “It was 2012-13, I was working for a renowned sports channel. I was part of the marketing team and had the opportunity to meet cricketers like MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag Yuvraj singh Suresh Raina and many others. Being part of a marketing team, we had to take on a lot of responsibilities. Also, we were also handling IPL. So I ran into Dhoni several times. What used to hypnotize me was his spirit. Whether in the field or outdoors, it is always full of life. He was equally eloquent in front of the camera while filming or giving a byte. Dhoni used to hit perfect shots in one go. There are a lot of good memories from when I pitched him an idea for the bytes to the after-game parties, which I'm appreciating now, ”says Joey.

The actor, who became a household name with 'Hriday Haran B.A Pass,' filmed for a TV commercial with Dhoni in 2018. “I met Dhoni once again while filming a commercial. His wife Sakshi also accompanied him. Before filming, I introduced myself and he recognized me. He told me it looked familiar but couldn't remember where he had met me, Joey paused a little and then shared that Dhoni thought he saw it on screen. At the time, Joey was a popular actor and VJ.

Speaking about his experience of sharing the screen with Dhoni in the commercial, Joey adds: “We played brothers on screen. Despite being an actor, I was a bit aware of my lines. And I don't know how he does it, but Dhoni remembers the exact line no matter how big it is. In this commercial, he had a series of activities and a dialogue as well. Like I saw before, he did it perfectly in one take. I was really amazed. I couldn't help but ask him how he manages to do it.

Well, Dhoni shared his secret with Joey. “Dhoni said, there is a secret. He explained that acting is not his real profession. Remember the lines and say it casually without putting unnecessary pressure. Dhoni further explained, if I have to play a match, I will also play it informally because it is not my profession. I am an actor and not a cricketer. But being a cricketer, if you go to the field, you have to take on a lot of responsibilities that add pressure, ”says Joey.

Dhoni's answer prompted the actor to ask another question, especially since Mahi is known for his calm even during the most difficult point of a match. Dhoni Patience and perseverance helped his team turn many games in their favor.

“I couldn't help but ask, how he handles pressure in the field. Dhoni taught me a very important lesson. I have explained practice is really important. Right before the game, you need to practice hard, be prepared but during the exam, there is no place for stress. He said, if you stress we won’t be able to concentrate. I will never forget his words, ”he shares.

Along with Mahi, cricketer Suresh Raina has also announced his retirement from International Cricket. Speaking about Raina, Joey said, “He is a really good cricketer. He is a very dignified person. I saw him in the after match parties too, what a human being he is! We will miss him.