Ke Apon Ke By: Joba's intelligence saves the day

Ke Apon Ke Por's story is taking a new turn with Joba Zeal to prove her mother innocent and Bishan's conspiracy to stop her. The game between them is spicing up the current track.

In the latest episode, Bishan assures his dad that Joba won’t be able to reach court.

Surya meets Ramaprasad Sen, the former superintendent of the mental institution where Ratna used to live.

A man is lying on the ground. Seeing this, Joba's car stops. While Param thinks, the man is injured, she worries it is a trap.

Joba informs Param that Bishan won’t let them reach court easily. She talks about similar incidents she had faced during other cases.

Soon, Joba notices some other goons hiding behind the bushes. She realizes her guess was right and asks the diver to honk once and then continue driving. Param doesn’t support the idea and says it is too risky. He explains the man might be injured but Joba isn’t ready to believe. Proving Joba's suspicion to be true, the man runs away when the car is about to hit him.

Param praises Joba's intelligence which saved them from the trap.

Meanwhile, Surya asks Ramaprasad whether P. Mukherjee, who admitted Ratna to the hospital, was Pranabananda Mukherjee. Ramaprasad tells Surya that Dr. Pradeep Mukherjee admitted her to the hospital. He gives Pradeep Mukherjee’s phone number too.

Joba talks to Surya and he tells her everything.

Soon Joba, Param and Ratna reach the court.

A helpless Ratna asks Joba to leave the case and send her to an old home.

She says Pratap is a bad man. Joba assures her mom and says they will win the case.

Later, Surya reaches court and talks to Joba. The latter turns emotional entering the courtroom after a long time.