Actress Subhashree Ganguly Tests Negative for COVID

Bengali actress Subhashree Ganguly , which was part of the television show Ebar Jombe Moja As a judge, you have tested negative COVID-19 . The actress is expecting her first child and the due date is next month.

Yesterday her husband Raj chakraborty tested positive for the virus. The news left both his family members and supporters concerned. Soon, Subhashree and other family members went for a test. Raj has reported that along with Subhashree, other family members also tested negative for the virus.

Raj's father, who is admitted to a city hospital, had already tested negative. Raj is currently in complete isolation and doing well.

The news of Subhashree testing COVID-19 negative has brought a sigh of relief to the family as well as their friends from the industry and fans. All are now praying for Raj’s speedy recovery. The director-producer is flooded with good wishes and thanked all the fans for their prayers.

Although Raj started working on his film project and was also busy with his Kopal Kundala TV project, which he is producing, he was working mostly from home. But he recently attended a few meetings for his next film engagement. Since Raj is isolated, other members of the family are taking care of Subhashree.