Director and Producer Raj Chakraborty Tests Positive for COVID

Bengali filmmaker and producer Raj chakraborty has tested positive for COVID. The actor is in home quarantine. Other family members, including the wife Subhashree Ganguly will undergo the test. Raj's father is hospitalized for other ailments, but tested negative for the virus, sources suggest.

The actor is taking great care so that other members of the family are not affected. His wife Subhashree is waiting and taking all necessary precautions.

Subhashree's due date is next month and Raj's family does not want to take any risks considering the safety of the mother and fetus.

Raj was actively involved in his project amid the outbreak and attended some meetings. He was busy with his film commitments, as well as his television show Kopal Kundala, which his house is producing.

The actor himself tweeted the news and assured that he is fine now. He has been asked to remain in home quarantine for the time being and Raj is constantly in contact with the doctor.

Before this, Ranjit Mallick, his wife, Koel Mallick , her husband Nishpal Singh, the actors Vivaan Ghosh, Neel Bhattacharya from the team Krishnakoli tested positive for the virus. Actor Surajit Bandyopadhyay also tested positive for the virus. There are few other cases of COVID-19 reported in the television and film industry.