Singers Jojo, Ujjaini, Anwesha Duttagupta and Kinjal Chatterjee will take audiences on a musical journey

Bengali TV channels leave no stone unturned to woo the audience. From launching new television series to adding new segments to an existing show, creators are working hard to keep audiences hooked on the television screen.

Well, the popular music show Good Morning Akash is ready to add a new segment. The audience will now be able to make a song request to their favorite singers who will be performing on the show.

Popular singer Jojo , who is known for her powerful voice and unique singing style, will perform next week. The special episode will air on August 16. This month, many popular singers like Ujjaini , Anwesha Dutta Gupta , Kinjal chatterjee he will also be a guest on the show.

Speaking about the idea of ​​introducing a new segment to the show, Director Eshita Surana said, “Reinventing, improving and implementing - that's the mantra for success in today's world. To give our most popular show, Good Morning Aakash a new impetus and make it more interactive and audience-friendly, we have introduced this new segment, Anurodher Aakash. This episode will air once a week. The initial response to the pilot episodes that featured renowned singers. Rupankar , Raghav it has been overwhelming.