Krishnakoli: Sujata learns about Amrapali

In Krishnakoli , Disha plays a trick. She tries to convince Nikhil that the lady who lives with them is not Shyama. He initially disagrees.

Disha says Rukmini saw the make-up box in the cupboard. This leaves Nikhil on the back foot.

She forces him to admit that he is Amrapali and it is part of his plan to expose the real culprits.

They have no idea that Sujata is hearing this.

Disha says Ashok saw them coming out of Amrapali's house. This leaves Nikhil dumbstruck. Disha continues to emotionally manipulate Nikhil.

She asks him to tell the truth and send Aditya to jail for killing Shyama.

Sujata storms into the room and asks Nikhil to tell the truth. She drags Amrapali in the living room and asks her to reveal the truth. The family members try to intervene but fail.

Disha feels happy seeing the mess. She wants to sneak out while Nikhil is busy convincing the family members.

Sujata asks Nikhil why I have fooled them. She there was no reason to stage the drama since she loves her (Amrapali). She asks Amrapali to remove the make-up and show her real skin tone.

Amrapali agrees she isn’t Shyama and wipes off the make-up from her face. Rukmini feels happy.