Ke Apon Ke By: Khudu is arrested

In Ke Apon Ke By , the game of hide and seek between Joba-Bishan has become quite interesting. As Bishan tries to beat Joba, the latter seems determined to win.

In the latest episode, Joba’s mom Ratna slowly recall past memories. Joba is excited when her plan works.

Meanwhile at home Khudu points a knife at Khudu and threatens Tiya and Mayuri. Can comes and gets shocked seeing Khudu ’s real avatar. Tiya tells Can , how Khudu poisoned Ratna ’s water.

Soon, Joy and Param arrive. They ask Khudu to drop the knife and reveal who she is. But Khudu is in no mood to listen to them. Param and Joy informed other family members that they went to Sodu’s house and learned she (Sodu) is missing. Moreover, Sodu’s parents are alright, which means Khudu lied to them.

Khudu gets a call from Bishan. Joy and Param take advantage of the situation and forces Khudu to drop the knife.

Param talks to Bishan who is on the other side of the phone. Param tells, that he is aware that Bishan sent Khudu. This leaves Bishan tensed. His situation gets even more complex when he learns that Ratna is getting well.

A bewildered Bishan gets angry and then makes a wrong move. He decides to let Sodu go.

Khudu gets arrested but she doesn’t expose Bishan. Joba threatens her to send behind the bar.

Soon Joba asks Param and Surya to bring Sodu. This leaves Khudu all perplexed.

Sodu gives his statement to the police.

Joba decides to visit the hospital for fear of an attack on her mother.

Pratap reprimands Bishan for his foolish actions. Bishan wants to kill Ratna in the hospital.