Krishnakoli: Disha's plan works

In Krishnakoli , Disha enjoys the glory while his plan meets success. She asks Ashok return home without fear from Nikhil I will not delve further into the case. You will now be busy addressing your personal life.

Disha informs Ashok how Sujata believed her words. She (Sujata) has asked Nikhil to arrange a press conference to announce Shyama Death and cancellation of the show.

When Ashok talks about Aditya, Disha says there is nothing to worry. Aditya he cannot harm them.

None can prove that Shyama was killed by Ashok.

Amrapali indirectly talks about their relationship which makes Nikhil uncomfortable. He is upset as his hard work couldn't meet the success.

Nikhil says Amrapali doesn’t have to put make-up anymore to look like Shyama.

Nikhil repents not being able to catch the culprits. Amrapali feels bad and decides to hide the letter she has written. She also says she is ready to leave.

Nikhil wants to address the media and cancel the show. Amrapali asks him to drop the idea.

Basanta talks to Sujata and says they need to accept the truth that Shyama is no more. Sujata is upset and decides to distribute Shyama's things among the needy people. Basanta comes and says she can't wipe the memories. Her behavior leaves Nikhil upset.

Sujata says Shyama would have performed puja today. Basanta asks Sujata to do the same but she denies it.