Actress Mishmee Das alleges maternal grandparents physically abused by their own children, posts photos showing bruises

Actress Mishmee Das, who is busy with the Jiyon Kathi program, opened up in a social media post in which she has raised her voice against the physical and mental abuse of her elderly maternal grandparents.

Mishmee's maternal grandparents are the residents of Shibpur, Howrah. According to the actress, her 90 year-old grandfather Haridas Chakraborty and the 82-year-old grandmother was allegedly beaten in her ancestral home.

Mishmee has pointed fingers at her relatives for the incident. Haridas was a railway employee and lives at his pension. Mishmee complained that the pension is now reportedly being taken away by one of her sons and his wife.

According to the post, Mishmee's grandparents have been mercilessly beaten up and thrown out on the street. The actress described about the entire incident in her post and also uploaded some pictures of her grandfather highlighting the bruises. Later, the senior citizens were rescued and now staying with their other children.

Here's the post:

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La publicación dejó a los internautas in estado de shock. Algunos de sus fanáticos la han instado a presentar una denuncia policial, mientras que algunos han expresado su sorpresa al enterarse de tal comportamiento hacia los ciudadanos mayores.

On the front of her career, the actress has been a part of many popular Bengali television series, including Gach Kouto ’, ‘ Jiban jyoti ’And others. She is currently playing a negative role in 'Jiyon Kathi'. It stars Aindrila Sharma and Somraj Maity. Model-turned-actress Mishmee has done a few Hindi television serials too.