Krishnakoli: Amrapali makes all arrangements for Janmashtami

In Krishnakoli , Nikhil he's upset that his plan to expose the real culprit has failed.

Nikhil feels bad as he looks at Amrapali putting all of Shyama’s articles back into the cupboard. He suggests her to keep Shyama’s clothes elsewhere and make some room for hers. But Amrapali insists that she doesn’t want to replace Shyama in any way.

Next day, Sujata he wakes up and thinks how he would arrange everything for the bid.

To her surprise, Sujata notices, all the arrangements are done.

She calls Daddy and Bijli and praises them. They informed Sujata that Amrapali arranged everything. Sujata gets pleasantly surprised seeing that all the arrangements for Janmashtami have been done just like how Shyama used to do.

Basanta feels happy. Nikhil doesn’t come to the living room but notices everything from a distance.

Daddy says, Amrapali told them how Sujata was upset for not being able to perform the puja for Janmashtami this year. They decide to use everything available at home. Rest of the things were brought by Alok in the morning.

Amrapali says she felt bad seeing Sujata upset.

Soon, Thakurmoshai also arrives and the puja begins.

Amrapali sings a beautiful song but Sujata still misses Shyama.

Later, Amrapali talks to Nikhil who wasn’t a part of the puja. They also talk about the press conference.