Ke Apon Ke By: Bishan kidnaps Kuhu

In Ke Apon Ke By , the creators are introducing back-to-back twists to bring the current track to life. Thanks to Bishan and his unpleasant plans, Joba's family will soon have some sleepless nights.

In the latest episode, Joba arrives at the hospital. She fears an attack on Ratna since Bishan won sit quietly. Joba has sought police posting at hospital.

Seeing the arrangement, she realizes Bishan won’t be able to enter the hospital. Joba wonders what he will do now.

Kuhu is insomniac. Koel asks her to sleep but she keeps asking about Joba and Ratna. Kuhu asks for water.

Koel goes downstairs and feels someone is present. Meanwhile, Joba, Param and Surya reach.

They notice Koel is nervous. Upon asking, Koel shares she thinks someone entered the room.

Koel goes back to the bedroom but Kuhu is missing.

Soon Param, Joba go to the room and are shocked to learn of the incident. They look for her everywhere, but Kuhu is not at home.

Other members of the family also wake up.

Surya comes back and says that the door at the terrace is open. This leaves everyone worried.

Joba gets a call from Bishan. He has abducted Kuhu. Joba and Param smoke with anger.

Bishan, on the other hand, wants to strike a deal. He wants Ratna in exchange for Kuhu.

Later, Param asks whether they should call the police. Joba wonders how to tackle the situation. Param suggests withdrawing Ratna's case. Joba is yet to make a decision.