Krishnakoli: Sujata asks Nikhil to forget about Shyama

It seems that the story of the Krishnakoli TV show is poised for an interesting change.

In the last episode, Sujata guilt Nikhil for forcing Amrapali pretend like Shyama.

Amrapali defends Nikhil and she always wanted to help him.

Alok says he never had any doubt on Shyama’s look-alike Amrapali not even when she was singing. But Rukmini says she knew the girl isn't Shyama. Nikhil says Rukmini was brought only to find out whether the lady living with them is Shyama or her look-alike Amrapali. He thinks Aditya sent Rukmini to find out the truth regarding Shyama but she (Rukmini) denies the allegation.

Nikhil breaks down and says he will never be able to catch the real culprits. I have sheds tears. Sujata asks him to start afresh with her.

He says he can’t forget Shyama and apologises to Amrapali too. Sujata asks him to forget Shyama. She also explains Amrapali loves him that’s why she is ready to risk her life.

Disha plays her game and says that if she drops the plan to expose the culprits, she will talk to Ashok and drop the plan for leaving the country. Others also try to convince Nikhil.

In front of family, Amrapali promises to win his heart. But later, she tells him not to worry.

Sujata asks Nikhil to inform the media about canceling the Shyama’s show. She also wants to arrange the rituals to pay respect to Shyama’s departed soul.

Disha is happy that finally, Nikhil will stop chasing the goons. Amrapali writes a letter to Nikhil confessing her emotions.