Ke Apon Ke By: Koel misbehaves with Joba

In Ke Apon Ke By , bad Bishan he is hatching a new plan to defeat Joba. He kidnaps Kuhu .

Koel feels helpless and asks her mom to withdraw Ratna's case. Koel isn’t ready to take any chance. She talks about accepting Bishan's deal and handover Ratna to the. She breaks down crying.

Joba is surprised to hear Koel's words. She tries to explain the situation to Koel, but the latter is not in her right mind.

Koel loses her calm and her words hurt Joba. Koel asks her mom to give the phone so that she can talk to Bishan and accept the deal.

Joba intends to slap her when she repeatedly talks ill about Ratna.

Koel feels guilty for not being able to protect his sister. He gives his mom time to think about the matter, otherwise he would take care of it himself.

Since Joba does not realize why Koel behaves this way, Param explains she (Koel) is still under trauma after what Bishan did to her.

Koel goes to her room and breaks down seeing Kuhu's books. She gets a call from Bishan. She promises to do whatever he wants. Soon, Joba and Param enter the room while she is talking to Bishan. She misbehaves with her parents while Bishan overhears the conversation from the other side of the phone.

As soon as they go out, she continues her conversation with Bishan. Pratap comes and scolds him for speaking with Koel.