Ke Apon Ke By: Kuhu catches Khudu red-handed

In Ke Apon Ke By , Joba is ahead of mastermind Bishan this time. In the latest episode, Bishan calls up Koel, while the family members are in the hospital. Koel starts panicking seeing his number on her cell phone. He asks Joba to let Koel stay with him. Joba makes it clear that she won’t let Koel stay with an evil person like him. This leaves Bishan angry and he threatens her.

Meanwhile, Khudu begins to search Ratna 's file inside Joba-Param’s bedroom. She opens the cupboard and finally finds Ratna's file. An elated Khudu informs Bishan who asks her to click the pictures of all the documents in the file and destroy it later. Khudu isn't ready to burn the file. She knows it will land her in trouble as Can and Rinki I already have a question about her.

Khudu's luck does not favor her, since Kuhu enters the room and notices her touching the articles inside Joba’s cupboard. She directly charges Khudu who wasn’t ready to face a question from a kid.

She tries her best to manipulate the girl, but fails.

On the other hand, Anu informs Joba that Dr. Chatterjee examined Ratna . Joba talks to him over the phone and gets some ray of hope. Later, Anu and Joba talk about reconstructing the memory for Ratna by staging the 35-year-old incident once again.

Meanwhile, Itu and her baby boy get discharged and family members are elated to welcome them. Later, Kuhu tells her parents how she saw Khudu inside the bedroom going through their personal stuff. This leaves Joba curious. Khudu overhears the conversation and panics.